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Anoushka Sabnis
August 11, 2023 · changed the group description.

Welcome to Poets' Plaza! This is a space for you to share your poems with the community, post 'open mic' style recitations, and receive peer review & feedback! ✨

Aug 25, 2023

The story full of scars

In the world full of darkness,

she founds her story,

untamed and unbound.

From depth of trials,

emerges her soul

tempered by life,

so divine that it ignites,

a spark which refuses to decline.

With shattered dreams

and crippled ground,

the phoenix rises,

defying the limits and

unlocking the possibilities.

In the face of doubt,

she found the voice

a symphony of hope

that makes her heart flutter.

A story full of scars.

But as her wounds heals,

she takes a flight

unyielding and unconquered,

Likes the stars in the skies

for deep within, her spirit thrives

In the face of adversities

she learn and rise

For within her lies

a power untamed,

to overcome, endure

and forever reclaim.

With unwavering will,

she forges her way

embracing challenges that come

as she dares to survive.

With no mountains too steep,

With no obstacles too high

She rise, She conquer

She cherish the battles

With the scars it bears

For they reminded her of the journey

A journey not too easy

With full of challenges

But only a chance to renew

Her beauty emerges as

Resilient, courageous and true.




Welcome to Poets' Plaza! This is a space for you to share yo...
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