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History of Biblioverse

The History of Biblioverse


ABC (Anoushka's Book Club)

At 7 years old, our Founder, Anoushka Sabnis, was already an avid reader. She was fascinated by the world of stories, but had also realised not all her friends were. She wanted to spread this culture, and encourage her friends to read, and thus started an at-home library-cum-bookclub. She lent books to her friends from her own shelf at ₹1 per book, per day!


Biblioverse - the Universe of Books

Anoushka now expanded ABC - and here comes Biblioverse! This time, we had a wider variety of books to lend. We could divide them into various categories: genres, authors, & age-groups. Our audience expanded, and we now catered to readers spanning ages 8 to 18. Around this time, we started ideating about ways to engage our club members, through activities & physical programmes.


Biblioverse goes online

During the pandemic, we started an Instagram page, activated our Facebook page, and started engaging our audience through online events, activities & competitions. We created a series of informative content called "Grammar Nazi". We encouraged creative writing & oration, & started building a community. We attracted participation from USA, Philippines & Bangladesh, & of course, India, & empanelled literary experts for our events.


Biblioverse - the Startup

Biblioverse got incubated as a startup in 2022! We are now India's 1st community for young readers & writers, and aim to be the largest such community. We offer a platform for you to find your gang and discuss books, create fan theories, post fanart, interesting blog with useful writing tips and book recommendations, virtual workshops on how to write poetry & short stories (taught by Anoushka herself), flash-interviews of your favourite authors, annual literature festival, internships - and SO MUCH MORE! We've reached so far, and we are happy you're here with us :)

Meet the FOUNDER

Hi! I'm Anoushka

I'm a 17-year-old high school student, based out of Delhi, India. I am a 6-time published author, avid reader & entrepreneur, which says one thing about me: I LOVE creating! I am a world record-holder for being the 'Youngest poet (female) to publish a poetry book internationally', and have spoken at various literature festivals & public events.


I enjoy baking, am a dog-ophile, & a music-lover.  I love theatre & am an MUN-enthusiast. Biblioverse is very close to my heart; I've loved reading since forever, and I've always craved friends who were just as fascinated as I was! That was always difficult to find... and that is WHY I started this.

I want to make people fall in love with stories; I want to connect readers & writers, and create that fun, thriving community I've always looked for. I am working towards building this to be the India's largest reading-writing community, & by being here, you are now a part of that.

Anoushka's Gallery

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