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Anoushka started composing stories and posting them on her blog in 2012, at the age of five. In 2013, she composed her first poem. She published her 1st book at the age of 10, which earned her a world record. She has since had multiple publications.


You can find some of her publications here

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Once Upon a Verse

Collection of 52 poems written over 52 weeks of a year, experiencing life through the eyes of a 9 year old

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Golden Light

"The boy who saved the world"

A story of a group of friends who save the world from its new villain - COVID

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Elijah - the Chosen One

Pyramids. Spaceships. An orphan. An unknown past. An unprecedented destiny.

What is he chosen for?

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Pen the Change

"The earth I want to see when I grow up"

An essay on my vision for the future of the world

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