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Call of the Dove - one my fav self-composed poems :)

i. When you close your eyes,

do you hear

the call of the Dove?

The call of Love,

of Joy;

the giggle of that young boy

playing hopscotch on the roads?

ii. Do you hear

the affectionate tear

of your grandma, when you scraped your knee,

and the wind rushing,

laughter gushing,

as you flew on your father’s shoulders?

iii. Do you hear

the whistling of that bustling train,

the dressing-down for a ketchup stain,

the fascinating buzz of the airplane,

that reminds you of those days

when you felt no pain?

iv. Do you hear Peace?

v. The call of the Dove

that soft melody,

the reminiscence of a childhood;

a soulful elegy.

vi. The cynics mock

the Dove; they flock

around, they don’t believe in Love,

but the True believers must shove

them aside.

vii. For the world will be free

when the world will see

that Peace is Love,

Peace is Hope,

Peace is Childhood,

Peace is Innocence.

viii. We don’t need Peace,

for how do you long for something

that is already there?

You just don’t know where

to look for it.

ix. Look back,

look inside,

find the child in your heart,

your Home,

for that is where your Peace resides.

x. Look back,

look inside,

listen for the call of the Dove,

hold on to that infant Love,

remember that Peace is not lost.

xi. There will be moments,

when your spirit will be weak,

the prospect of Peace bleak.

In moments like those,

when the call of the Dove is faint,

remember: reach into your heart so quaint;

it is the tiniest thread of Hope you seek.

xii. Close your eyes,

hear the call of the Dove.

The call of Love,

of Joy;

the giggle of that young boy.

That is Peace for you.


Did you like the poem?!

  • Omg YES!!!

  • It was... fine