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10 ways to improve your writing!

1. Read, read, read

We learn best by example. By reading, we learn how others convey their messages in the best possible way. We may even adapt our writing styles to those that we resonate with.

2. Write everyday

Practice makes perfect! Create a regular schedule for writing, and make it a habit. Such need not be long-winded and time-consuming, even a paragraph a day is enough!

3. Show, don't tell

Don’t tell your readers anything that could be shown instead. Let the readers interpret your ideas through the words, feelings & actions of your characters, especially in fiction.

4. Never edit while writing

Editing while writing is a rabbit hole of reworking the same few lines thousands of times - & never being able to finish a draft. Edit only after you're through with 1 round of writing.

5. Make a plot outline

Always create a structure before diving into the actual writing. This makes sure you’re clear on your concepts, have an organised storyline and don't over-explain.

6. Always proofread

This improves the quality of your writing, ensuring there are no lingering mistakes, & correcting basic grammatical or syntax inconsistencies.

7. Use active voice

Using active voice ensures conciseness & impact in your words. Passive voice usually requires more words & a "to be" verb form, which can suck the energy out of your writing.

8. Avoid clichés

Clichés are phrases/ ideas that have been overused to the point that they’ve lost their impact. They’re usually too bland to leave a lasting impression on a reader.

9. Empathise with readers

The art of writing is the art of communication. Always keep your readers in mind, and think- will my readers understand this? will this interest them? will they remember this piece?

10. Be succinct

Avoid complicated, long words which may confuse the reader. Also keep your sentences short, & don't over-use filler words like “very”, “really”, “just”, etc.

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